Sydney McDermott

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Class of 2025

Six Pack Beach volleyball

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Sydney (Sisi) McDermott

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Discipline for Recruitment: Beach

Height: 6’0

Spike Touch: 9’10”

Standing Reach: 7’7″

Wingspan: 5’9.7″

Serve (Float): 68 km/hr

Spike Velocity: 74 hm/hr

Athletic Accomplishments

  • Canadian Beach Nationals - 1st Place D1T1 16U (2022)

    BVNE West Coast Nationals - 1st Place Gold Division 16U (2022)

    Kauai Bikini West Coast Nationals - 1st Place Gold Division 16U (2022)

    OVA Winter Beach Tour 18UG - 1st Place Finish D1T1 (2022)

    BEVolley (Clearwater Florida) 16UG - 5th Place Finish Gold Division (2022)

    Mega Tour (Vero Beach Florida) 16UG - 5th Place Finish Gold Division (2022)

    p1440 Tour (Clearwater Florida) 16UG - 9th Place Finish Gold Division (2021)

    OVA Winter Beach Tour 18UG - 1st Place Finish D1T1 (2021)

    OVA Winter Beach Tour 16UG - 1st Place Finish D1T1 (2021)

    GNBV (Leamington ON) 18UG Gold Tier - 3rd Place Finish Gold Division (2021)

    GNBV (Leamington ON) 16UG Gold Tier - 3rd Place Finish Gold Division (2021)

    OVA Provincials 15UG - 5th Place Finish D1T1 (2021)

    OVA Provincials 14UG - 5th Place Finish D1T1 (2021)

  • U19 Canadian National Team

  • Dunbarton high school (Senior Varsity Volleyball Team) 2022
    Outside Hitter

  • Dunbarton high school (Pickering ON)
    Class of 2025
    GPA 3.9

  • 15U National Championship MVP
    Synergy 13UG Coaches Award
    St Monica Catholic Elementary School - Award for Athletic Excellence

  • Pakmen Youth Camp Volunteer
    Synergy Spikes Program Volunteer

  • 2022/2023 Leaside Volleyball Club (Wildfire)

    Outside Hitter

    2021/2022 Pakmen Volleyball Club (Gold - Diem)

    15UG Nationals - May 19, 20, 21 - Edmonton AB - First Place Finish D1T1 (2022)

    15U OVA Provincials - Apr 22, 23, 24 - Waterloo ON - First Place Finish D1T1 (2022)

    Bugarski Cup 15UG - 1st Place Finish D1T1 (2022)

    McGregor Cup 15UG - 1st Place Finish D1T1 (2022)

    MYVB Invitational 18UG - 1st Place Finish (2022)

    Venom Invitational 17UG - 1st Place Finish (2021)

    2020/2021 Synergy Volleyball Club
    Nemesis 14UG (No Season Due to COVID)

    2019/2020 Synergy Volleyball Club
    Nemesis 13UG
    Provincial Ranking #3

    Bugarski Cup 13UG - 2nd Place Finish D1T1 (2020)

    McGregor Cup 13UG - 3rd Place Finish D1T1 (2020)

    Challenge Cup 13UG - 2nd Place Finish D1T1 (2019)

    Provincial Cup 13UG - 1st Place Finish D1T1 (2019)

Athlete Bio

Five words you can use to describe yourself on the court.
  • Focused
  • Driven
  • Leader
  • Positive
  • Confident
Five words you can use to describe yourself off the court.
  • Passionate
  • Hard-working
  • Sociable
  • Kind
  • Thoughtful
Describe how you work in a team with your partners.

When working with teammates I always try to have a positive attitude by encouraging them, however as a team leader I always push my teammates to have their top performance every time.

Athletic highlights and how you felt when you received them:

Award of Excellence (U12 Durham Attack Volleyball Club)
Coaches Award (U13 Synergy Volleyball Club)
Athletic Excellence Award (St Monica Catholic School 2021)
2022 Beach Provincials: 5th in U14 and U15
2021 BVNE (Leamington, ON) U18, 2021: 3rd place finish
2021 BVNE (Leamington, ON) U16, 2021: 3rd place finish
2022 Megatour Vero Beach Florida: 5th place finish
2022 BEVOLLEY Clearwater Florida: 5th place finish

When I received these accomplishments I was humbled but I am also proud that others are recognizing me for all of my hard work and effort I put into this sport.

What are your interests outside of sports? Why do you like them?

My interests outside of sports are:

Travelling – I’m adventurous and like to explore different culture, different foods and different ways of life.

Animals – I have always loved animals with a particular love for dogs. My family has had a dog since I was a baby and always had a special connection with each of my dogs.

Who are your role models and why?

My role model is Serena Williams. One of her beliefs in sport is that a loss is not a loss, it is a lesson. She has always said over her career, she has learned more from her losses than all of her wins put together. Even though most people would always call her the G.O.A.T she continues to try and improve year after year.

Involvement in other sports or extracurricular. Why is it important for you?

Tennis was my first passion but when I started volleyball I realized I loved it more as it has a team aspect. I am a very social person who likes to engage with family, friends and teammates.

Academic highlights and how you felt when you received them?

I have always strived and achieved to maintain an academic average of greater than 80%. I am very proud that I am able to balance my academic and athletic goals at the same time.

What program would you like to attend in school?

I’m thinking of completing a business degree at the university level and focusing on Marketing. And recently I’ve taken an interest in sciences. At this point, I want to keep my options open.

How do you envision your school life in college/university?

My aspirations are to attend a university with a strong academic focus that also has a top volleyball program where I will have an opportunity to play at the highest level.

The Six Pack Commitment

Will understand each and every athlete to ensure your recruiting experience is enjoyable and relaxing.
Regular online meetings offering support with updates about your recruiting profile.
Will provide full email and phone support during the recruiting process.
Professional athletic resume to be provided.
Professional 2-3 minute video created with your raw footage.
Will pre-screen in order to work with Canadian,  United States and overseas coaches.
BONUS - Will personally come and watch you play within a 150km radius of our home base.

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