Class of 2022

Six Pack men’s volleyball

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Height: 5’9″

Spike: 10″5.5″

Block: 9’8″

Standing Reach: 7’4″

Vertical jump: 37.5″

(unconfirmed by third party)




Five words you can use to describe yourself on the court.

  1. Leader
  2. Energetic
  3. Supportive
  4. Competitive
  5. Confident

Five words you can use to describe yourself off the court.

  1. Positive
  2. Happy
  3. Motivated
  4. Caring
  5. Tough

Describe how you work in a team with your partners.

Outside of volleyball – During team involvements I am quick to take on a leadership role and create an organized plan of how we are going to complete the given task. Asking many questions is something I encourage everyone in my group to do, along with making sure we are all on the same page with what we are completing.

During Volleyball – I am loud on the court and communicate constantly. I hustle for as many plays as possible and I encourage everybody else on the team to do the same. I communicate with each player creating different plays and runs. I stay engaged with the team making sure they communicate as well. During rough parts of games, I always keep my head up and think of possible ways to get out of a certain slump, if it means getting our players hyped up again, I will be extra loud and get them back up on their feet.

Athletic highlights and how you felt when you received them.

During my first year of playing volleyball I was able to make the high-performance team, and compete at the Ontario summer games, despite my lack of volleyball experience. I was able to compete at a high level and further my experiences and knowledge of the game. Being able to compete at such a high level with less than a year of volleyball experience meant a lot to me, and it encouraged me to continue to work hard at this sport. Another highlight I would say is receiving the MVP for both my grade 9 and 10 school volleyball teams.  I also received the Athletic award in my grade 8 year during graduation.

Involvement in other sports or extra curricular. Why is it important for you?

Basketball was my very first sport. Volleyball and basketball are similar in terms of athletic skill set needed to play both games.  This has certainly helped pave the way for me to start playing volleyball.  I’ve always enjoyed track and field as well, especially triple jump.  Both sports involve building muscle and stamina.

What are your interests outside of sports? Why do you like them?

My interests outside of sports include mainly reading, I enjoy reading as it one of the few things I do that doesn’t include much physical activity, it is a great way to rest the body and still enjoy a good story.

Who are your role models and why?

My main role model is my Dad. He has taught me to never give up and to always push myself and go that extra mile, to never be satisfied with reaching that one goal. If I reach that goal, make another goal.  Both my Dad and Mom have been a huge part of my volleyball career. They are vey supportive and have always been by my side for everything. I also look up to Masahiro Sekita who is a setter for the Japan National Volleyball Team.  The reason he is a role model for me is because despite being shorter than others, he prevails. He is shorter than I am and knowing this encourages me a lot.

Academic highlights and how you felt when you received them.

Earning the Character, Athletic and the Honor award in grade 8 was a big thing for me. I was always a cheerful student and I always was someone who put themselves in other shoes and try to understand where they are coming from. My goal throughout elementary school was to earn the athletic award and when this was given to me, I was excited and thankful. This was something that I always strived to achieve.  I competed in every sport possible during school and earning that award proved that hard work helps with achieving goals.  My goal throughout my high school experience is to honors in all my grades.  So far, I have done so in Grade 9 and 10.

What program would you like to attend in school?

I would like to earn a Kinesiology degree programs and further enhance my learnings and studies of the human body and movements.

How do you envision your school life in college /university?

I envision my school life in college/university to be one that is very busy but as organized as possible. I am hoping my days will be busy with studies as well as potential practices and training. I believe it is very important to have a balanced schedule with academics and sports.

jalen a.


Athletic Accomplishments


2020 Hummingbird Volleyball Club

  • 17U
  • Trained Setter

2019 Hummingbird Volleyball Club

  • 16U
  • Setter
  • HVC Sportsmanship Award

2018 Durham Attack

  • Setter
  • Ontario Championships top 10 finish

2017 Durham Attack

  • Setter

Ontario Volleyball Association

  • Region 4 High Performance Team
  • 2018 Ontario Summer Games

Multi Sport Athlete

2019 Senior Boys Volleyball

  • Team Captain
  • Team MVP

2014 – 2018 Boys Basketball



Ajax High School, Ajax, ON

  • Class of 2022
  • 2020 Honour Roll Student
  • 2019 Honour Roll Student
  • 2018 Honour Roll Student

Would like to earn a degree in KINESIOLOGY and further enhand my understanding of the human body and movements


Instagram: @jalenarias


Training video

December 2020

Workout Video

Inner Squad Scrimmage

December 2020

The Six Pack Commitment

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Regular online meetings offering support with updates about your recruiting profile.
Will provide full email and phone support during the recruiting process.
Professional athletic resume to be provided.
Professional 2-3 minute video created with your raw footage.
Will pre-screen in order to work with Canadian,  United States and overseas coaches.
BONUS – Will personally come and watch you play within a 150km radius of our home base.

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